Awakening GENRE Gay • Historical • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611523119

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Jonathon Carver, a young Puritan school teacher, meets handsome Nathaniel Morgan, master cooper. He comes to recognize the longings he's had all his life as desire for the love of another man, and Nathaniel provides that love.

Their love must be carefully guarded, as they live in Colonial America during a time of the call to Awakening of the Puritan spirit. Knowing the penalty for their love is dire, they strive to keep their affair secret.

Desperate for a way to resolve their situation, they devise a bold plan which could free them to be together. But can their love for one another overcome the structure of the society in which they live? Or will they be destined to forego fulfillment of their desire and go their separate ways?


    Jonathan Carver was on his hands and knees in his loft over the classroom of the grammar school. His knees, forearms and forehead were pressed into the cornhusk filled mattress of his bed. He could feel Nathaniel's tumescence within him. Nathaniel's sweat dripped on his back while his lover's rough, work hardened hands rubbed his hips. As he rhythmically pumped his body against him, Jonathan could feel Nathaniel's testicles slapping against his legs, his coarse pubic hair prickling his smooth buttocks with every stroke. Nathaniel's ragged breaths whispering in Jonathan's ears were punctuated with low moans and the invoking of God's name along with Jonathan's.

    Jonathan was past the pain of penetration that, at first, had seared through his body as he lost his virginity to Nathaniel's initial powerful thrusts. The physical sensations he was now experiencing were not pleasurable by any means. The feeling of fullness, a need to evacuate caused him much discomfort. But, the overwhelming emotional satisfaction of being in union with another man far out weighed any perceived unpleasantness. With his eyes closed, he allowed himself to be mesmerized by the moment, pushing down the voices that cried for his eternal damnation for engaging in such debauchery.

    “Jonathan, I am going to finish!” Nathaniel's voice was strained as he thrust himself tightly against Jonathan's buttocks and stopped all movement. Jonathan could feel the bigger man holding his breath and then, accompanied by a moan, he could sense the pulsating of Nathaniel's penis deep inside his bowel. A renewed, but irregular stroking followed. At the conclusion of each thrust, Jonathan could feel the pulsations of the organ trapped in the confines of his body, feel Nathaniel shudder, hear him moan in pleasure.

    The undulations slowed and finally ceased. With a groan and great rush of breath, Nathaniel collapsed on the kneeling man, causing him to crumple to the mattress. Jonathan felt the heaving of Nathaniel's chest, the pounding of his heart against his back and the slow softening of his member. He dreaded the moment when it would be withdrawn. Their union, despite the discomfort it had caused him, was the most thrilling experience Jonathan Carver had ever had in all his twenty years of life. It was the culmination of a search that had gone on since puberty, though until recently, he had had no idea of what he was searching for, or that he was even searching at all, only that there was a sense of something important missing in his life. Now that missing piece had been discovered.