Divided Hearts

Divided Hearts GENRE Gay • Historical • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611523430

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Sequel to Awakening.

Robert, handsome half-breed apprentice cooper, travels to the Ohio Country with Nathaniel Morgan. Robert has loved Nathaniel since being apprenticed to him many years before. Robert's love is unreturned, as Nathaniel's heart belongs to another who has been left behind.

Robert is unwillingly sent as an interpreter with the British Army to inform the settlers and the Shawnee that King George will honor the Indians' claim to the land. Captured by the Shawnee, Robert comes to be loved by an Indian brave. Robert returns his love but only up to a point, as he is still held captive by his love for another man.

Can he let his love for Nathaniel go and give himself completely to Red Horse? Or will he forever live his life with a divided heart?


    The two left the paddocks where the horses were kept after talking with Deer Spirit. The brave had been pleased at Robert's recovery. Robert's horse had been with those of the village. When Robert called to him, he raised his head and trotted to the pole fence in greeting. Stands Strong, a young man whose job it was to care for the horses, had said he thought the bay gelding was a fine steed. This pleased Robert.

    “It is good that you have a good mount,” Red Horse was saying, “a brave that has a good horse has much honor.”

    A brave? Robert thought. He thinks of me as a brave.

    “We must make you a hickory bow and get you some arrows. Old Sly Weasel makes the truest of all. We will visit him and let him know of your need.”

    Red Horse turned to him, and placing a hand on his shoulder, said, “It will be good to have you hunt by my side. I have longed to have a partner to share this and other things in life.” He gave Robert's shoulder a squeeze. The warm feelings that Red Horse engendered in him returned and flooded him once again. Each time they were more intense. Robert was beginning to have deep feelings for this man.

    “Come, I have something to show you.”

    They left the village by a well-used path. Walking only a short distance through the forest, they came to a river. It flowed leisurely along. Robert watched a pair of loons call out and paddle further away from the bank, looking warily back at the men that had disturbed their solitude.

    Red Horse stood next to him. When Robert looked at him, he could see that this place was very special to the man. The deep serene expression on his face testified to his love for the river.

    “This is the Scioto. It brings life to the land and to my ... our ... people.” He turned to Robert, “I hope you will come to love it as I do.” Then, cupping Robert's chin with his hands, he pulled him to him and kissed him with a gentle passion that made the young man feel weak.

    Red Horse released the kiss and stepped back, still holding Robert's face. The two men smiled at each other. Robert took another step toward love blooming in his heart.

    “How does your head feel?” Red Horse asked, raising one eyebrow.

    “It feels fine,” Robert replied, reaching up and testing it with his hand. “Yes, it feels ...” That was as far as he got. With a sudden movement, Red Horse disappeared beneath the surface of the river and Robert was up ended and plunged into the water. He came up sputtering and coughing. Red Horse stood with his hands on his hips with a broad grin on his face.

    “Not fair,” Robert cried and lunged forward to exact revenge on the brave. However, Red Horse dove into the water. Robert stood looking this way and that, trying to locate his quarry. But quarry turned attacker and Robert felt himself being lifted out of the water from behind. He was flung into the air to be swallowed by the river once more.

    Coming to the surface, he did not give Red Horse a chance to plan his next attack. Ducking under the water, he swam between the brave's legs, then stood up, flipping the man over on his back and swamping him. It was Robert's turn to laugh when Red Horse surfaced, choking and sputtering.

    For several minutes the two continued their heron-fish game, until they stood facing each other, panting and laughing. Red Horse stopped laughing. Still smiling, he put both hands around Robert's waist and pulled him to him. Robert put his arms around the broad shoulders. Their lips came together, their tongues intertwined. Red Horse ground his burgeoning manhood against Robert's. Robert's member responded in kind. He could feel the Indian's muscular chest against his; felt his hands on his buttocks, encouraging his thrusts, meeting Robert's with his own. Then, within seconds of one another, the men reached the point of no return and Robert felt his seed flow from his body to be carried away by the river. He sighed. The two men stood holding each other, heads resting on shoulders, hearts beating in unison.