Happy Birthday Bobby

Happy Birthday Bobby GENRE Gay  Contemporary  Erotica
ISBN 9781935753551

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It's Bobby's birthday but he's all alone with no one to help him celebrate. On the way home from work, he decides to stop at a favorite restaurant to treat himself to dinner. There his bitterness turns to happiness when he is treated to a round of drinks by a couple of strangers.

Larry and Dan are in town for a work-related event. Though married, the two men used these trips to indulge in the pleasure of each other's company. Now they're looking for a spot of fun, and after a few too many drinks, they invite Bobby back to their hotel room to join in.

Will Bobby have a happy birthday after all?


    "Well, fellas, it was nice meetin' you, but I better be gettin' home. Work tomorrow, you know." Bobby's tongue felt thick in his mouth, and he had to steady himself against Larry as he got off the stool.

    "Hey there, buddy," Larry said, getting up and putting his arm around Bobby's waist. "I don't think you're gonna be drivin' tonight. Come on, Dan, we'll take the stray pup home with us."

    Larry's words and touch acted like an aphrodisiac on Bobby's dick. He could feel it begin to snake its way down the left leg of his boxers.

    "Hell, that's nice of you guys. Lead on. Which way's home?" Bobby asked with a smile at his two benefactors.

    Dan slipped off his stool. "The Comfort Inn just down the street. Come on."

    The men left the restaurant. While not quite staggering, they were unsteady as they made their way to the motel. Bobby walked between them, Larry's arm draped around his shoulders, Dan supporting him with an arm under his elbow. They laughed and talked loudly, causing some passersby to scowl while others saluted them with a laugh or smile.

    They walked across the motel's lobby. Dan blew a kiss at the night manager, who shook his head and smiled. Once in the elevator, Bobby tried to grope Larry.

    "Patience, little buddy," the tall man said, pointing to the leering red eye of the security camera. Bobby gave the camera his middle finger, and a giggling Dan pulled his hand down.

    The doors of the elevator cab opened. They walked down the hall to where Dan fumbled with the keycard.

    "Here, let me do it," an impatient Bobby offered, taking the card and attempting to slide it down the track. "Fuck," he said loudly after his third unsuccessful try.

    "Give me that thing," Larry mumbled, grabbing the key. "God damn, this thing is all fucked."

    Just then a young couple walked by. The woman took the card from Larry.

    "Here, let me," she said, laughing.

    The green light went on and all three pushed inside, thanking the couple profusely.

    As soon as the door closed, there was an immediate rush of groping and kissing.