Major League Shutout

Major League Shutout GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611524598

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O.B. Benson knows that, as a gay baseball player, his only chance to keep from being shut out of the Major Leagues is to stay as far from the public eye as possible. His low profile is threatened when the team manager insists O.B. take part in a TV interview to help boost lagging fan support.

Avery Turner, TV reporter, is handsome, fit, and definitely pushes O.B.'s libido into high gear. He’s also out -- something O.B.'s situation doesn’t allow. And Avery believes in monogamous commitment -- something O.B. cannot identify with. But when Avery delivers a curveball to the catcher, O.B. doesn’t know how to handle it.

When O.B.'s interview is aired, he’s forced to evaluate his life of meaningless one night stands. Can O.B. and Avery work out their differences and build a winning team, or will O.B. strike out?


    The game had gone surprisingly well. O.B. had been able to focus on the play despite the distractions of his dreams and the impending interview with Avery Turner. The Thunderbolts had swept the series with the reigning World Champions, winning the final game eight to five.

    Great way to go into the fuckin' interview that will probably end my career, O.B. thought sarcastically as he made his way to the locker room.

    Once again dodging his way through the throng of players and reporters, he looked around for anyone who might appear to be looking for him. No one seemed to be interested in tracking him down so he sat on a bench and waited.

    Maybe they changed their minds? he thought hopefully, though he knew deep down that was just wishful thinking.

    After waiting for about ten minutes he undressed, grabbed a towel, and headed for the showers. There were several players already in the shower room. All were feeling pretty good after sweeping the best team in the league. There was lots of horse play and teasing going on. O.B. moved to the far end of the room. He usually joined in the shenanigans of a shower room celebration but this time he had too much on his mind. He just watched.

    Anyone who thinks football players got the bodies should visit a big league locker room sometime, he thought, allowing himself to admire his teammates who were now freed of the baggy uniforms that covered their developed physiques. The well hung, muscular hunks pushed, splashed and punched one another, playing a little grab ass along the way. O.B. wondered just how far beneath the surface some level of man-to-man attraction might be hidden.

    His voyeurism had an effect on his libido and he forgot the upcoming interview. His dick, always on alert, responded to the display of manly interaction and rose to a semi-salute.

    When he finished his shower, O.B. made his way through the guys still working on theirs. He took his towel from the hook inside the door and walked into the locker room drying his hair. Without looking up, he made his way to his locker.

    “Hi, I'm Avery Turner.”

    The greeting caught O.B. by surprise and he raised his head to find a handsome young man straddling the bench next to his locker, smiling up at him.

    O.B. stood gaping at the man, forgetting that he was naked with his half-hard dick pointing invitingly toward the man's mouth as Avery sat before the dumbfounded ball player.

    “Pleased to meet ya,” O.B. mumbled and stuck out his hand.