More Than Muscle

More Than Muscle GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611525564

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Ernie Boudine -- early thirties, still lives at home with mom -- has never had sex, hasn’t even been kissed. In his mind the only guys who get in on the action are the muscled-up bodybuilders he worships on his computer. But Ernie knows to attract such a god He’ll need to transform his current blob of soft muscles covered with an ample layer of fat into body beautiful.

Personal trainer Butch Noonan discovers his boyfriend has been cheating on him. Troy is the last straw. Butch decides he’s done dating bodybuilders with their self-centered and egotistical attitudes. Butch longs for a relationship with someone who believes in romance, togetherness, and fidelity.

Joining a gym, Ernie feels like a kid in a candy store. So many beautiful men working out, so much hard muscle to ogle. Ernie is disappointed when Butch is assigned as his personal trainer. Despite the man’s name, the other trainers have bigger and buffer bodies.

Soon, however, Ernie begins to appreciate Butch’s sexy, compact body and what’s more, the man genuinely seems to care for and about Ernie.

Much to both men’s surprise, a tentative relationship begins to blossom, but then into the gym strolls Butch’s former college roommate. Bill is a serious bodybuilder and Ernie is immediately captivated by the man’s huge muscles and confident swagger.

Can Butch stand idly by and watch Ernie make the same mistakes he has? Or will Ernie wise up in time and realize true relationships are about more than muscle?


    A rapping on his bedroom door was quickly followed by, “Ernest! Ernest? Why are you still up?”

    Ernie Boudine 'had just enough time to slam the lid of his laptop shut, trapping Zach Apollo and Bo Duncan inside, pull a sheet over himself, and pretend to be dozing. He and the two muscley bodybuilders had been about to reach their peak when his mother had interrupted.

    The door opened and Ernie fought to control his ragged breathing as his mother entered. He hoped she didn't notice the involuntary throbbing of the slightly-tented sheet that covered his erect cock.

    “Don't you have to be up early for work?” Mrs. Boudine demanded. “What are you doing with that computer in here anyway this late at night?”

    “I…um.” Ernie swallowed. “I have a big project the boss wants to see first thing in the morning,” Ernie lied. “Need to get it done.”

    “Well, don't stay up too late, dear. You know how cranky you can get if you don't get your proper rest. You're already falling asleep.” She came over and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “Don't forget to say your prayers. Good night.”

    “Good night, Mother,” Ernie said with a forced smile. Why did she insist on treating him like a twelve-year-old? He was in his early thirties for God's sake!

    He waited awhile to be sure she was gone, then opened the computer again. His two video porn sex partners had vanished, and the computer had shut down. He pulled back the sheet and looked at his deflated prick. It, too, looked as though it had shut down for the evening.

    “Fuck!” he said, not too loudly, however.

    Ernie restarted the computer and impatiently waited for it to boot up. Zach and Bo had really gotten him going. They were two of his favorite porn stars. He'd seen each of them in separate vids, but this was the first time he'd found the two hunky studs together-Zach with his smooth rippling muscles and Bo with his mighty hair-covered torso, fucking each others brains out. Their thick monster cocks and huge bull balls swinging in the wind had nearly driven Ernie out of his mind. That was until mommy dearest had barged in on him.

    Shit! What was the title of that vid? Crap! he thought as he tried, in vain, to use the search function on the porn site. He considered watching something else in order to finish up what he'd started but, after he'd been to heaven, ordinary muscle men just didn't do it. At least not that night.

    Just then there was a bleep from one of the online muscle chat rooms he frequented. Someone wanted to talk. He brought the site up. Someone called BigBiceps21 wanted to hook up. He quickly checked out the guy's profile: six foot four, two hundred sixty pounds, fifty four inch chest, thirty two inch waist, and twenty-one inch arms. The picture posted along with the stats attested to the measurements offered. It showed a handsome man in his twenties or thirties, shaved head, with a black van dyke and a hefty seven or eight inch dick.

    Ernie quickly clicked on the icon and typed, “Hey.”

    “Hey yourself, big guy,” came the response. “Really liked your profile pic. You're really a monster, man.”

    “Thanks,” Ernie replied. “You're pretty sweet yourself.”

    “You must live at the gym to get a bod like that,” the muscle dude typed.

    “A couple hours a day,” Ernie wrote.

    “Me, too. Hey, ya wanna cam and get each other off?”

    Ernie sighed. The monster Ernie that BigBiceps21 saw in his profile was bogus: a picture of a handsome young bodybuilder that Ernie had found online and adopted as his alter ego for purposes of attracting others for whom the overdeveloped male physique was the ultimate turn on. In reality, Ernie was five foot eleven inches of soft muscle covered by an ample layer of adipose tissue, weighing in at one hundred ninety seven pounds. He had what he considered an adequate appendage between his hairy thighs, nestled in a thick pubic bush, but nothing as impressive as BigBiceps21.

    Because the guy on the other end actually offered to cam it usually meant he was the real deal and matched the picture on the posting. If the guy hemmed and hawed about not being able to cam, as Ernie was about to do, he knew it was just some poor sap like himself making believe. That usually ended with a 'talk only' jerk off session with each guy making up crap about himself to get them both off.

    “Shit, man, I can't seem to get my cam to work tonight. Sorry,” Ernie bluffed, hoping the stud on the other end of the conversation didn't catch on as they sometimes did and make some disparaging comment about Ernie being a liar.

    “That's okay, man,” BigBiceps21 typed. “I can turn mine on if you want.”

    Ah, an exhibitionist. Ernie thought happily. These types seemed happy to show it off without necessarily getting a show in return. They got off on their own bodies and the effect they had on their willing voyeurs.

    “That'd be fantastic, dude,” Ernie wrote, pushing back the sheet and laying the computer between his legs.

    “Your sound works don't it?” Ernie's soon to be virtual sex buddy asked.

    “Ah, yeah, it does,” Ernie replied, thinking of his mother in the next room. “But we have to keep it down. My partner doesn't like me messing around with guys even on the net.”


    As Ernie looked at the computer BigBiceps21 appeared. Ernie quickly switched it to full screen and turned on the sound.

    “This sound level okay? The man asked.

    Okay! Ernie thought. Everything was more than okay. The man was gorgeous.

    “Can you hear me?”

    “Oh…uh, yeah, sorry. Man, you sure look great. What a body.”

    BigBiceps21 smiled and began his posing routine with a front double biceps. Ernie started stroking. Front lat spread-Both Ernie and BigBiceps21's cocks were lengthening and rising. Side chest pose, side triceps pose-Ernie was at full staff and pumping fast. Double rear biceps, rear lat spread-BigBiceps21 flexed his beautiful bubble butt. He turned around and his cock was also fully erect. He was stroking it along with Ernie while he did his ab and quad flexion.

    Ernie was almost there. He grabbed his balls and squeezed as he could feel the jism boiling in his nuts. “Oh man, you're fantastic. I wish I was there with you right now.”

    “What would you be doin' to me?” BigBiceps21 asked in a ragged voice, now flogging his dick full throttle.

    Ernie could tell the man was as close to blowing a load as he was.

    “I'd be worshiping those fantastic muscles, running my tongue all over those beautiful biceps of yours and down those hard abs to your co-”

    “Ernest! Who are you talking to?”

    “Fuck!” Ernie muttered, shutting his laptop just as he saw BigBiceps21 start to shoot and heard him roar.

    He pulled the cover over himself and the computer. He hit the pillow and began mumbling broken sentences about work, his boss, and deadlines just as his door opened and his mother stuck her head in.

    “Ernest, are you all right?” she asked in a hushed voice.

    “Um, mumph, yacha,” Ernie moaned and then let out a long breath.

    Mrs. Boudine came to the side of the bed, pulled the covers up more snuggly around her son, took off his glasses, laid them on the nightstand, and kissed him on the side of his head. “They work you too hard at that office of yours,” she said. “You should think of making some changes,” she whispered and left the room.

    Ernie sat up and reached under the covers to pull out the laptop. He half expected to see cum oozing out the sides from BigBiceps21 monster ejaculation. Setting the computer next to where his mother had put his glasses, he laid back down. His nuts ached. Twice he'd got to within nanoseconds of shooting his load.

    Think of making some changes, Ernie thought, remembering what his mother had said. Yeah, that's for sure. Ernie turned on his side, rubbed his blue balls and-with images of Zack Apollo, Bo Duncan, and BigBiceps21 entangled with each other and him, engaging in all manner of sexual activity-he fell asleep. About an hour later he had the first wet dream since his early teens.