My Beagle, the Yenta

My Beagle, the Yenta GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611526394

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Bryan Jacobson has thrown his cheating boyfriend out. Gracie, Bryan’s little beagle dog is glad. She never liked Rob much as he was mean to her. Good Riddance as far as she’s concerned. She’s happy now it’s just the two of them. However, Gracie soon discovers her Bryan is not content.

Even though Rob was a jerk, it seems Bryan needs more than the love of a little dog to feel complete. So, Gracie maneuvers Bryan into taking her to the dog park where she’s sure she’ll find Bryan a new man to make him happy again.

The dog park is full of dogs and their humans. But which human goes with which dog? And even if she figures that out, how will she get Bryan to meet the right human for him? She does her best to find her Bryan the man of his dreams. But can a little beagle dog really be a successful matchmaker?


    Many days went by. Rob did not come back. Gracie was glad. She did all she could to show Bryan she was happy it was just the two of them now. They slept together every night. They sat on the couch while Bryan looked at the box that made noises and had moving pictures. Gracie could make him smile and laugh with her tricks, but it seemed to her that although she could make Bryan happy for a little while, Bryan still was sad. She wished there were some way she could help him be happy all the time, but she didn't know how other than doing her tricks, licking his face, and snuggling close to him. She wondered what would make him feel good all the time again. She didn't like it when he was sad so much.

    Then one night at the end of the long time when she was alone during the day, lots of men came over. Gracie greeted them all, wagging her tail to show she was glad they were here. She brought her bone to show them. Gracie danced for the treats they offered her. She licked their hands when they petted her. She liked it when they called her name and told her she was a good dog. She was happy they had come to see her.

    She sniffed each one. Some smelled like a dog had been near them. Some smelled of the animals Bryan called “cat” when she tried to chase them on walks. ”Leave it, Gracie. Leave the cat alone.” That's how she knew that animal's name. Some only men smelled like the stuff Bryan poured out of a bottle after putting soap on his face and scraping it off.

    As she walked from man to man around the room, she often heard them say “Rob.”

    “Did you hear he caught Rob cheating on him with Neil Talbot!”

    “You're kidding! Neil! Oh my God! Neil's one of Bryan's best friends. No wonder Bryan threw Rob out.”

    “And that explains why Neil isn't here tonight.”

    “Rob gave him nothing but grief. He's such a schmuck. A real jerk! Good riddance!”

    “Rob treated Bryan like dirt. He's better off without him.”

    “Rob's worse than a schmuck! He's a first class asshole.”

    Schtick dreck, you mean.”

    “Well, yes, he's that, too!”

    They all laughed.

    Gracie didn't understand any of this but it seemed to her the men were as happy as she was that Rob was gone.

    She went to find Bryan. He was in the eating room talking with two other men. He seemed happy. He was smiling and laughing. Gracie remembered he had been happy when he talked to the humans on their walk. Being with other humans must be what makes him happy.

    Gracie reasoned it must be like when Bryan takes her to the place he calls “Dog Park.” There she's glad to be with other dogs. As much as she loves Bryan she needs to be with dogs, too. Sometimes she even wished that another dog could live here. Then the long alone time wouldn't be so empty. She would also have someone to be with when Bryan went away again after coming home just to give her “dinners” and take her on a “walk.” It would be nice to go on walks and sniff things and chase things together.

    Maybe that's it. Maybe if Bryan had another human to be with he would be happy all the time again. Only the new human had to be nicer than Rob. But how could she help Bryan find someone like that?

    As she lay on the floor of the eating room listening to the men talk and watching Bryan be happy, she started to doze off.

    She was at Dog Park. There were many dogs running around, barking and playing. And there were many humans there, too.

    Gracie opened her eyes. Humans! The place called Dog Park has dogs and humans!

    Gracie picked her head up and looked at Bryan. One man who smelled like Bryan's feet before he took a shower was saying, “You really need to put yourself out there again. A hot guy like you shouldn't be withering away on the vine.”

    “I don't know if I'm ready to find anyone yet.”

    The only word Gracie knew was “find.” Bryan would hide something of hers and tell her to “find it.” Maybe Gracie would be able to help Bryan to “find” a human to bring home. And she would look at Dog Park.


Eliza Rolle on her Live Journal said:

A nice and unexpectedly romantic short story, I mostly liked it since it presents ordinary characters and not “romance” heroes.

There is a very romantic, very movie style ending, that I’m sure the more romantic readers will love, and in the meantime, for who is searching a sexy break, Tune Up is that and more.