Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611523904

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What do you do when your boyfriend begins acting strangely, and at the same time, you meet someone his total opposite? Do you start having second thoughts?

Jesse Jamison must confront those very questions. After two years of living with his lover Dennis "Denny" Christopoulos, a charming flight attendant, the man starts taking on extra flights, making excuses for not coming home, and receiving private phone calls. During this time, Jesse also meets Nick Warden, a new neighbor. He immediately sees the contrasts between the two men and finds Nick attractive on so many levels.

Meanwhile, Denny has growing reservations about his relationship with Jesse, especially once a new man comes into his own life. Yet Denny isn't ready to give up the good thing he has going with Jesse since he isn't sure about the new man's intentions, or his own feelings.

Nick also struggles with his growing love for Jesse. While he would like nothing more than to claim Jesse for himself, his integrity prevents him from playing the home-wrecker. His hesitation to step in, however, nearly causes his undoing and a missed opportunity at love.

Each man has his own second thoughts. But who will act on them, and what will be the consequences?


    “Hey, babe, flight was uneventful, as usual. I'm really sorry we couldn't be together tonight for our anniversary. I'll be home about eight tomorrow night and we can celebrate then. Okay? Wish you were here. The weather is great here in Miami and a nice midnight swim in the ocean would hit the spot, and you know which spot I mean.” He chuckled seductively. “See you tomorrow. Love you. Bye.”

    Jesse smiled. Well, at least I got a voicemail. Usually he forgets to call.

    Jesse went about the business of finishing up the dishes. There was still enough moussaka for dinner the next day, and after a day of marinating, it probably would be better than tonight's. He could get some fresh greens for the salad and new candles, too. And another bottle of champagne, he thought as he dropped the one he and Nick had killed into the recycle bin.

    That task completed, he checked on Shelby. She had moved from the hallway floor to the couch in the living room.

    “Shel,” Jesse admonished, hands on hips. “You know what Daddy Denny would say if he caught you on the couch.”

    Apparently Shelby did know because she slithered off the sofa onto the floor, giving Jesse one of those “oh all right, be that way” looks. Jesse knew she'd be back on the sofa as soon as he left the room. She always was when Denny banished her from the bedroom at bedtime, but she was clever enough to get caught only rarely.

    Jesse then went into the bedroom and stripped for his shower. He looked at himself in the full-length mirror.

    Didn't do too much damage with the moussaka and the cake. He ran his hand over his washboard abs. Better go for a run before the workout at the gym anyway. His man liked him ripped and toned.

    Stepping into the warm spray, he began to lather his body. He paid particular attention to his balls and ass. He began to fantasize what he had hoped would be happening about then if Denny hadn't been assigned that flight. As he continued to massage his erect cock and rocks, he pushed a finger past the sphincter ring and began to massage his chute. He added more soap to the mix and began to stroke harder and faster, all the while picturing the hairy, muscular torso of his lover positioned above him, smiling as he pumped his thick manhood into his hole.

    Wishing he had three hands, he removed one hand from his ass and began to massage his nipples. That connection between his tits and cock was true to form, and before Jesse was really ready, he began to shoot ropes of creamy, white cum onto the walls of the shower stall. What happened at that moment surprised and unnerved him. In his mind's eye, Denny had faded, Nick taking his place.

    “Oh…yes, Nicky. Yeah, man, fuck me. Nick, fuck me.”

    Trembling, Jesse steadied himself with one hand against the wall, while he pumped the last dribbles of cum from his soap-covered cock.

    Where did that come from? Shit, I know where it came from. That dude is one hot number. Better watch myself when Dennis gets home. Don't want to be screaming out somebody else's name when I'm with him.

    Jesse got out of the shower, dried himself, applied his night creams, donned a pair of PJ bottoms and padded into the bedroom. He got into bed and switched on the TV with the remote. Shelby stuck her head around the door. She sidled to the bed and laid her head on Jesse's hand.

    “Oh, all right,” he said, patting the side of the mattress. “When the cat's away --”

    Shelby jumped joyfully onto the bed and rolled around on her back, eventually coming to rest curled up next to Jesse with her head on his stomach.

    Jesse looked at her, patted her head and smiled. “Just remember, you don't do this when he's here. We'll both catch hell.” I'll wash the bedclothes tomorrow morning.

    Jesse settled himself and focused on what the news anchor was saying.

    “The tropical depression just off the Miami coast is moving north. Right now it doesn't appear it'll come ashore, but it has doused the Florida coast with torrential rains and dangerously high surf all day. There has been a lot of beach erosion and flooding of streets. If the storm stays offshore it has the potential of strengthening. If so, it'll become Tropical Storm Deirdre.”

    They went to a commercial break, and Jesse switched off the TV. He turned on his side and got settled with Shelby pressed to his chest. His eyes were heavy and he started to doze.

    Then his eyelids popped open as he recalled the newscaster's words -- It has doused the Florida coast with torrential rains and dangerously high surf all day.

    How did that jive with Denny's voicemail? Wish you were here. The weather is great and a nice midnight swim in the ocean would hit the spot, and you know which spot I mean?