The Deal Breaker

The Deal Breaker GENRE Gay  Contemporary  Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781646566532

JMS Books LLC | Amazon Kindle


What do you do when you're a popular porn star and the love of your life is deeply religious and totally closeted? Why, you keep your true identity from him, create an alternate reality, and hope he doesn't find out, of course. Because, if he ever does, that would be the deal breaker. That was Jordan Hearst's reasoning, anyway. However, despite Jordan's best efforts at keeping his charade a secret, Spenser Hudson does find out.

Having a liar and a porn star as a boyfriend is a deal breaker as far as the devastated Spenser is concerned. Fearing the loss of both his job and his family, Spenser abruptly disappears from Jordan's life, castigating himself for ever letting his carnal desires override his faith, thus allowing him to fall in love with the handsome, charming Jordan.

With all attempts at reconciliation rebuffed, Jordan tries to move on, but the love he feels for Spenser won't go away, making it impossible for him to return to his job of having meaningless sex in front of the cameras.

Spenser is given a different perspective on his and Jordan's situation from an unlikely source. Can the love he still feels for Jordan be the key to rekindling what they once shared? Is it enough to make Spenser see there's more than one way to look at the deal life has given him? Can a new deal to be struck?


    At precisely that moment, Jordan's phone rang. He checked the caller ID. It was the studio. He grimaced. Oh, great! Just perfect, he thought.

    "It's the office," he lied and got up, walking into the living room to take the call.


    It was Stan Henderson, Jordan's boss. "Jordan, where the hell are you? We got the crew and a hot to trot actor with a fuckin' hard-on here ready to go, and our fuckin' star is missing."

    "Sorry, I'll be there as soon as I can. I must've misread the schedule."

    "Well, get that fine ass of yours down here pronto!"

    "Okay, okay. I'm on my way."

    Jordan hung up. He turned to see Spenser, coming out of the kitchen. He had his coat on. Henrietta was on her leash.

    "You in trouble?" Spenser asked.

    "A little, I guess," Jordan replied, walking over to Spenser and taking him in his arms. "I missed that meeting with the client, but it was worth it. Nothing's more important to me than you."

    Spenser kissed him. "Nothing could make me happier than to hear you say that."

    Spenser stepped back and straightened Jordan's tie. "We'll walk you to the car."

    They started for the door. "Don't forget your briefcase," Spenser reminded him.

    "Oh, yeah, right." Jordan went to the couch and picked up the case from where he'd dropped it the night before.

    Once out in the apartment parking lot, the two men kissed goodbye, and Jordan stooped to pet Henrietta. Then he stood beside his car dressed in a suit and tie he didn't need to wear, holding a briefcase filled with fake documents, about to leave for a fictitious job at the non-existent investment firm of Stuart and Jacobi.

    He waited as his boyfriend and their dog walked off down the street. He stood a moment or two longer to watch the love of his life and Henrietta -- the sweet, little grey pup, stopping to sniff here and there, her stump of a tail wagging furiously. How precious they had become to him in so short a time. He felt like crap. "You're a fuckin' phony," he told himself.