The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781611523515

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Freddy Perkins comes to California hoping to become a movie star. Changing his name to Les Banister, he surrenders his principles as he gives into the demands of a casting director to secure his first role. He relinquishes control of his personal life so the studio can build an image of him as the next American heartthrob. This means giving up Russ, his loving and supportive boyfriend, to hide the truth from his fans. He’s gay.

These sacrifices pay off for the young actor and he becomes a star. But as Les continues to pay the price for fame, he realizes at the height of his success that it’s cost him too dearly. Will he have the courage to take the chance of losing it all to be true to himself?


    Smiling broadly, Orin came out of his office and walked to where Les was sitting waiting for him.

    “Ah, Les. So good to see you again. Glad you came by to work out those details we didn't get to yesterday,” Orin said, taking Les's right hand in his and covering it with his left, giving it a firm squeeze. “Come on into the office.”

    “Sarah,” he said, addressing his secretary, “hold my calls and give us some privacy.”

    “Yes, Mr. Bartlett,” Sarah responded, smiling at Les.

    Les wondered just how much Sarah understood about what went on in Bartlett's office when those instructions were given.

    Orin put an arm around Les's shoulders and led him into the next room, closing the door behind them. The assistant casting director turned to Les, took Les's chin in his hands, looked into Les's eyes, and said tenderly, “I've wanted to do this ever since I first saw those DVDs Sid sent over.” Then he kissed Les full on the lips, his tongue immediately darting into Les's mouth.

    Although caught off guard, Les didn't resist. So much for this being a quick blowjob, he thought.

    Taking a deep breath and feeling his body respond to the stimulation more intensely than he had anticipated, Les put his arms around Orin and surrendered to his growing arousal.

    Orin broke the kiss, leaned back and, still holding Les's eyes with his, said, “There, that's not so bad is it?”

    Les shook his head and, putting a hand behind the slightly shorter man's head, surprised himself by pulling Orin back into another kiss.

    Orin's hands moved to Les's waist and pulled the T-shirt out of the trousers. Slipping his hands underneath, Orin pulled the shirt over Les's head, dropping it on the floor. Then he stepped back and let his eyes wander over the man's exposed flesh.

    “Magnificent,” he said as his eyes once more met Les's.

    “Uh ... thank you,” Les said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

    Orin leaned forward and swirled one of Les's nipples with his tongue, then latched on to the erecting nub and sucked like a nursing child.

    Les's cock was directly wired to his nipples and responded fully to the assault. He put his hands on Orin's ass, pulled him close, and pressed their swelling members against each other. The euphoria of sexual excitement began to overtake him. Somewhere in the back of Les's mind he thought of Russ. You do what you have to do, he had said. The image faded as Orin traversed the valley of dark hair between Les's muscular pecs to consume the other teat. Les suppressed the moan that fought to escape his lips, aware that just beyond the door in back of him was another room with someone in it who might hear every sound. He ran his hands over Orin's back, then buried his face in the thick salt-and-pepper hair before placing a kiss on the top of Orin's head.

    Orin raised his face and their lips locked once more, tongues dancing within the caverns of their mouths. Orin stepped back and, taking Les by the hand, led him to the couch across the room. Orin sat and leaned back spreading his legs, indicating Les should stand before him.

    “Show me,” Orin ordered as he started massaging his cock. Les could see the swelling organ was straining against the fabric of the man's expensive gabardine slacks.

    Les began by running his hands over his chest and down his rippled abs as Orin looked on, slowly licking his lips. Les kicked off his shoes, then unbuckled his belt, and pushed his khakis to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. He reached down and stripped off each of his white socks and stood in his Jockeys, his hands hanging at his side looking down on Orin.

    Orin shuddered, sat up, and pulled Les to him, burying his face in the mound made by Les's cock, trapped in the cotton fabric of his briefs. He mouthed the swollen organ for some time before pulling the underwear down and swallowing the throbbing dick to the base, all the while kneading Les's firm, full buttocks.

    Orin let out a strangled moan. “Oh God,” he said over and over as he mouthed and sucked Les's engorged man-tool.

    Once again Les ran his hands over Orin's head, enjoying the feel of the man's hair through his fingers and Orin's mouth on his dick. For Les, sex had always been closely associated with feelings of affection. He tried not to let any emotions remotely resembling those overtake him. But he couldn't deny he was completely enjoying the experience of sex with this man.

    Russ, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, he thought.

    Orin stopped just before Les came. “No,” Orin said, getting to his feet. “I want this to last for a while.”

    Les breathed out as Orin kissed him again. He was taken aback by the realization that he, as well as Orin, wanted this to go on.