Will Turner's Luck

Will Turner's Luck GENRE Gay • Contemporary • Western • Erotic Romance
ISBN 9781935753605

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Will Turner celebrates the end of a ten-year marriage by acting on his repressed longings and heading for a gay bar. Just his luck, the next morning he awakes in a strange room with a stranger by his side and no memory of how he got there or who his bedmate is. The bedmate, Robby, however, not only knows Will, but has definite plans for how the rest of their lives will go, complete with matching rings on their left hands.

As Will attempts to unravel the mystery, he falls in love with Robby, despite the unanswered questions as to Robby's past, character, expectations, and intentions in their growing relationship. Throwing caution to the wind, Will invites Robby to share his home and shoulders much of the financial responsibility for their lives together.

When the truth finally comes out, Will is faced with a tough decision which has consequences for his future happiness.


    Shit! Will Turner thought as his head began to clear and he became conscious that he was awake. Awake but keeping his eyes closed. He was rolled on his left side with his hands between his knees.

    Just my luck. First God-damned night out after my divorce is final and I get blind drunk.

    He didn't want to open his eyes because he wasn't sure he remembered where he was.

    He lay there trying to wrap his mind around the facts he could remember. He had appeared in court that Friday afternoon. The judge had dissolved his ten year marriage to Kelly. How ironic. He had been faithful all the years of their marriage despite the fact he was gay. Then his wife serves him with divorce papers because she has found someone else she loved more: a fuckin' woman. Shit!

    Well, okay that's that, he had thought. She wants a woman ... I want a man! And with that idea on his mind and no dinner he headed for the Round-Up Saloon, a known gay bar that catered to cowboys and would-be cowboys.

    He remembered entering the saloon. He remembered being fuckin' nervous. This was the first time he had done anything like this since he was in college. He remembered it had been Jose' Cuervo night. The sexy waiters kept bringing out trays of Jose' Cuervo tequila every time someone played that song on the jukebox. He lost count after six shots.

    Will rolled over on his back. When he did he became aware that there was someone on the bed with him. He could here even breathing. He opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to his right. What he saw took his breath away.

    Next to him on the bed lay a man: a beautiful beyond belief naked man. Well, almost naked except for two minor things: cowboy boots, and a condom; a used condom!

    “Holy shit!”

    Will hadn't meant to say that out loud, but he was so shocked to see the rubber on that fantastic semi hard cock, and obviously filled with cum, he lost control.

    His spontaneous verbal ejaculation aroused his bedmate. He stirred, yawned and stretched sensuously. He opened his eyes.

    “Hey, mornin', Will Darlin'.”

    Whoever this was knew his name. And he called him Darlin'!